Scum Bags

If the allegations made on Liveline are true then ‘scum of the earth’ is the only appropriate title for the solicitors involved in robbing those vulnerable people coming before the redress board.

Anyone who is any doubt that we live in a pathetic little Banana Republic should listen to RTEs Liveline over the last three days.

This outrage will serve as a good example of how a corrupt system protects itself when some of the sleazebags who feed off the weak are uncovered.

In a real democracy when a citizen is suspected of theft the following events happen. Arrest for questioning, charges if enough evidence is gathered, court appearance and if found guilty appropriate punishment.

To date nothing has happened except some waffle from the Law Society. This case will be followed closely by this blog in order to conclusively demonstrate that the Republic of Ireland is a corrupt state where white collar crime is rampant.

One thought on “Scum Bags”

  1. According to the Irish Examiner (link may require registration) those found guilty fact the possibility of being struck off. They also report Law Society Director General saying that this “has been very damaging to the image of the profession.â€? Damn right it has but it has also been very damaging to the vulnerable victims who have been dealt with so disgustingly.

    Please do follow up on this story and see if anybody is struck off.

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