Scum Solicitors

Outrageous as this case of scum solicitors robbing their clients is, it is just one of thousands of incidences of white collar crime uncovered in recent years in this Banana Republic. The only reason scum like this can operate in this country is because the State itself is corrupt. Quite literally some groups or institutions operate outside the law of the land.

AIB for example is presently investigating itself. When it has completed its investigation it will be allowed to dispense justice as it sees fit. There is no police involvement whatsoever.
Similarly, the legal profession is allowed to police itself. This type of mechanism, supported by the State, allows these people to operate within their own justice system, again with no police involvement whatsoever.

Let’s call a spade a spade – These people have robbed thousands from their vulnerable clients. If Ireland is not a corrupt state, then they will quickly face the full rigor of the law just like ordinary citizens do.

If Ireland is a corrupt state, (which I believe it is) then these people will be will be allowed to decide their own fate outside the rule of law. We are now into day five of this scandal and still no police/State involvement. So far I am correct in my claim that we live in a Banana Republic.

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