Missing bodies

One of the problems of reporting on corruption in the Banana Republic of Ireland is trying to cope with the sheer scale of it. Almost every day there is a new revelation to deal with. Sometimes, there is only a brief mention of “unusual’ events and if you miss it, it’s gone.

Here’s an example, last week Fine Gael deputy Fergus O’Dowd revealed how two nursing home patients, who died last year, were buried without death certificates being issued. Medical officials weren’t informed of one death until five months later while they were never told about the second.

The Health Service Executive described the “oversight’ as unacceptable, but obviously it is acceptable because no action whatsoever will be taken against those responsible. Deputy O’Dowd described the situation as extremely disturbing.

Of course it is disturbing but no more disturbing than say solicitors robbing their clients, banks robbing the State and their customers, politicians cheating at elections, politicians robbing the taxpayer, police framing citizens for murder and drug pushing…The list is endless, as is the corruption.

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