Scum solicitors still walking free

It is now six days since solicitors were found to be ripping off their vulnerable clients and still no action from the State or the police.

This is not unusual in the Banana Republic of Ireland. When it comes to white collar crime, deals are done, arrangements are made, the wink, wink, nod, nod, mechanism is employed. These vultures are to be investigated by their own peers, the Irish Law Society. We can be absolutely certain that not one of these solicitors will face justice; they will be “looked after’.

Here’s an interesting figure to ponder over. There are over 600 firms involved in these cases. Seven have issued a statement stating they never charged fees and at least twenty of them have been flushed out into the open by Liveline. That leaves about 573 firms who are remaining very quiet. What do you think? How many decent solicitors are there?

One thought on “Scum solicitors still walking free”

  1. Not many perhaps. It’s hard for anyone with integrity to last long. We always get tarred with the same brush as the others. The problems of the legal profession are institutional and its hierarchical structure and self-regulatory nature makes any reform highly unlikely. The present system benefits only those at the top of either profession (solicitor or barrister), but younger members know better than to question the powers that be.

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