Beating around the bush

Several European countries have begun enquiries into allegations that the Americans have been using their airports for rendition (torture holiday?) flights. I particularly liked the Dutch response, mixing humour with threat.

‘ prompting Dutch foreign minister Ben Bot to warn that his country could reconsider its 1,100-strong military presence in Afghanistan if the Americans “continue to beat around the bush” on the issue”.

Given that Ireland is almost totally dependent on American industry, the response by the Irish Government was predictable. When Condoleezza whispered in Dermot Ahern’s ear:

‘We would never do such nasty things”

Dermot rushed to assure the Irish people.

‘We fully accept the categorical assurance of a friendly nation.’

He couldn’t, of course, tell the truth, which goes something like this.

‘Please, please Connie, we will do anything, agree to anything, ignore any action, even torture so long as you keep the dollars rolling in.