Magic Ireland

Anyone still worried that the assurances given by the Foreign Minister, Dermot Ahern, regarding the CIA rendition flights (See previous post) did not fully clarify the Irish position will surely be happy to read the following statement from the great Ayatollah of Irish self deception himself, Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell, on RTE last night.

‘The fact is that the American government is a friendly state and is hugely friendly and supportive of everything that happens in Ireland, has given an unqualified assurance that they have not, do not and will not use Irish airports for the transfer of prisoners other than in accordance with Irish law, and I accept that.’

What these foreign feckers don’t understand about Ireland is that it’s a magic land.

So, if the banks rob millions from the State and their customers – that’s ok, just say ‘It didn’t happen’and hey presto – it never happened.

If solicitors rob tens of thousands from their most vulnerable clients – Why, all you have to do is allow the Law Society deal with the case in their secret valley where a large number of solicitors who would be considered criminals in the real big bad world are magically transformed into a small band of spirited leprechauns who got over-excited on coming across a pot of gold.

If there is strong evidence from the international community, Amnesty International and various other human rights groups that Shannon is being used as a transfer point for prisoners – then all you have to say is – ‘we don’t search the aircraft and the US Government have denied it, therefore it isn’t happening – Magic