Bertiegate – Wildwest Willie comes out shooting

The Fianna Fail big guns came out in recent days to defend poor Bertie. Minister for Finance Brian (Biffo) Cowen, Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot (Velvet tongue) Ahern and most effectively Minister for Defence Willie (Groucho) O’Dea.

Willie, you will remember frightened the bejayus out of half the country recently when he went a bit mad brandishing a pistol at the media. Well, Willie was in no mood for taking prisoners either when he rode into town on RTE’s Drivetime last Friday.

Firing off, left right and centre, the bould Willie blamed the Opposition, a frenzied media and sinister ‘leakers’ for Bertie’s woes but he kept his final salvo for any varmints out there foolish enough to think they have enough true grit to knock Bertie off his horse.

“I worked for many, many years in the taxation field for one of the biggest accountancy firms in Dublin…In my opinion, and I speak as somebody with some expertise in the tax area, there is no question whatsoever of tax liability in this case and if anybody alleges that there was tax liability, I’m in a position to make them look pretty foolish.”

As I ran for cover, the immortal words of Clint Eastwood were ringing in my ears – “Go ahead, Punk, make my day.”

2 thoughts on “Bertiegate – Wildwest Willie comes out shooting”

  1. Bertie was born to be a leader. He has the charisma and all the qualities necessary to become the longest serving and the best Taoiseach this country has seen.
    The Mayo Muppets (Kenny and Rabbitte) are trailing in his wake.
    A third term looms and even the begrudging media and a handful of freeloading loafers will not deprive this man of a special place in history.
    The Crewser

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