Principles? What Principles?

The Progressive Democrats are coming under increasing pressure to
apply their much lauded principles of integrity to Bertie’s ‘spot of
bother’. This is unfair to the PDs as they have long ago abandoned
such principles.

When asked, on RTE’s Tonight with Vincent Browne on the 24th January
2005, why the PDs did not act when Ray Burke lied to the Dail in 1997,
Progressive Democrat, Senator Tom Morrissey replied.

“We’re not in the business of asking for heads on plates anymore.
When we did, what thanks did the electorate ever give us? We’re not
there as a watchdog anymore.”

Enough said?

2 thoughts on “Principles? What Principles?”

  1. Watchdog. No. Lap Dog maybe. The PDs could make it imperative for Ahern to resign. McDowell is still trying to keep his party united. And Liz O’Donnell wants to keep Ahern in charge of FF. And Liz O’Donnell is the only PD in a safe seat. McDowell has to pick his point of principle before he can force Ahern to stand down. Therefore the PDs will move very slowly. To presever their own unity.

    It’s unfortunate because McDowell has a serious responsibility in running the Department of Justice. I trust McDowell more than Ahern. Because Ahern is Independent News Groups man in the Government, and McDowell is his own man, with his own opinions.

  2. Allen, you are definitely affected by that heather aroma. The PD’s know where their bread is buttered. They will be almost wiped out in the next election anyway so they may as well postpone it as long as possible.
    The cards are beginning to fall right for Bertie now and an overall majority is a distinct possibility.
    Kennedys attempt to bring him down has backfired badly and support has hardened. The Irish people could never tolerate traitors and they are not about to start now.
    Bertie is no Independent News Group man, he would not be seen dead with all those anti nationalist idiots.
    When McDowell leaked the Frank Connolly document to Sam Smythe he showed that he was the Indo’s man.
    As I said before there are none so blind as those who will not see.

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