Please, no law enforcement – we're Irish

Last week, our Prime Minister was reported as saying that the EU should not pursue countries as diligently as they do to enforce EU legislation. This attitude is entirely in keeping with the Irish culture of corruption. You can have all the laws you want but please, don’t actually enforce them.

We had a perfect example of this irresponsible attitude to law enforcement when FG Cllr Michael Fitzgerald said he thought it was ok to drink and drive. He was supported by FF Cllr Joe Donovan who said that people who engaged in drink driving after ‘having a few’ would never have an accident.

This backwoodsman mindset is common in a corrupt state like Ireland. It was only after thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands of horrific injuries and billions wasted on health care in recent years that the State finally began to enforce traffic laws.

People living in rural areas, used to getting away with breaking the law were outraged by this law enforcement and complained to their local politicians.

The suggested Irish answer to this Irish problem is to allow rural people in their 40s, 50s and 60s to drink and drive because as Cllr Donovan said – “They never had an accident and never would.”

Meanwhile, the carnage continues.

One thought on “Please, no law enforcement – we're Irish”

  1. It’s amazing how with all the growth over the last few years that most of the projects put forward and adopted by the Irish Gov. have been all been like putting on make-up. Make everything seem rosy on the outside and no one will notice to mayhem going on under the surface. Typical Irish way of doing things.

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