Corruption – Alive and well

There is a belief within a good section of the Irish media that the bad old days of corruption are behind us. Planning corruption, for example, is almost always talked about as if it doesn’t happen any more. But of course, it is still rife, it’s just that the corrupt are a little more careful now in case they end up giving evidence before a tribunal.

Sometimes, we get examples of ‘the good old days’ of blatant corruption. The Irish Times recently reported such a case. Members of North Tipperary County Council convened a special meeting to force county manager Terry O’Niadh to break the law.

They want him to grant planning permission for an unauthorised development to a Mr. Duggan, a businessman who has already being convicted for non-compliance with planning laws.

While Fianna Fail is by far the most corrupt political party in Ireland, this case is a reminder that the disease of corruption has infected all the main political parties.

Fine Gael, the so called party of law and order and the Labour party are also supporting this attempt to break the law.

One thought on “Corruption – Alive and well”

  1. Congratulations on your site.It is my hope that the internet will provide a free forum for open discussion of the abysmal political scene in Ireland today. It may some day lead to a new beginning.I fear for the eventual outcome.Tweedle Dee Dum and Tweedle Dee Dee. The dreary world of corruption and self serving pork barrel politics, which is current in irish politics life must be outed.To do it, more sites like this are needed.

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