Thieving solicitors and angry citizens

There was an excellent example today (19th item) of how effective and efficient the legal system can be in our little banana republic.

It seems that a group of people, fed up with being allegedly ripped off and abused by certain members of the legal profession gave vent to their anger on a website – A barrister took exception to remarks made about her and is suing a Mr. Gill, the alleged administrator of the site, for defamation.

A supporter of Mr. Gill apparently ‘snorted’ today in court while the judge was speaking and refused to apologise. The judge fined him €10,000 on the spot for contempt of court.

So, what have we here? A serious dispute between two angry citizens – a barrister and Mr. Gill. The case is dealt with in open court where everybody can see justice being done. The public can attend; the media can attend and report.

Both sides are equally represented and allowed make their case which will be decided in due course. One citizen was found to be in contempt of court and received instant justice in the form of a heavy fine.

All these activities and procedures are normal in any legitimate democracy.

Just over a year ago it was discovered that at least twenty solicitors had robbed tens of thousands of Euros from their clients.

These particular clients had been abused, both physically and sexually, for years by both the State and Church in various institutions. The money robbed was part of a meagre compensation for their years of torture and abuse. Many of them are illiterate and were therefore easy prey for these legal vultures.

None of these thieving solicitors will be brought to a court of law like Mr. Gill and his supporters. Their cases are being judged by fellow solicitors, behind closed doors, in secret by the Irish Law Society.

Only one case has been completed to date and the solicitor in question was completely exonerated by his peers. Despite this outrageous outcome, the money robbed, €11,670, was repaid to the victim who lives in England and survives on benefits of stg£116 per week.

The judge dealing with Mr. Gill and his supporters delivered a stern warning to them on the seriousness of their alleged actions.

“In a civilized society, there were some things you were not permitted to do. Mr. Gill and his members had crossed that line.”

Apparently, there is no line for some members of the legal profession.

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  1. It was only a matter of time i suppose until someone done something like set up a site such as this. I can guarentee you right now i am one of the worst cases around. i had a motorbike accident when i was 18, which i received alot of compo from. soon after the accident my father died from alcohol abuse. my mother blamed me for his demise and so let joe molony (solicitor) take care of my investments as far as my compo was concerned. she died in 98 (5 years later) also from alcohol abuse. at the funeral i was called outside the Greyhound pub in smb where the majority of the funeral had accumilated and told by my three sisters that we had to meet in molonys office next morning to disscuss thee sale of the home place (the old house pub). i dont know if i rreceived my correct share. but now i believe i am worth about €900,000. i am told this is invested at an average of 4.5% which works out at around €40.000 per year. i receive €350 a week, €1400 per month, about €16,000 per year which leaves €24,000 . he takes care of my domestic bills when i drop them into his office but never on time . these probably amass to about €3 or €4000 a year he dosent pay these on time so my television channells get cut off once or twice a year.gas which i need for cooking/heating/hot water, imiss about three deelivery’s a year becaaause hee sayss i cant afford too pay them. even my esbbb has been cut off more than once write to me please and help…

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