Cowboy politics

I see Dessie Stewart of the DUP has been sentenced to four months in jail for electoral fraud. The former lord mayor of Coleraine took 15 postal votes belonging to residents of an elderly care home and cast them for the DUP in last year’s local elections.

How he must envy politicians in our banana republic who regularly involve themselves in electoral fraud but very rarely face a police investigation, never mind actually going to jail.

Take Lorcan Allen of Fianna Fail for example. During the local elections in 2004 he circulated thousands of letters, at taxpayer’s expense, with a forged signature of the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern.

So, did Mr. Allen go to jail? No. Was he even investigated by the police? No. After an ‘investigation’ by his own party’s rules and procedure committee, he was suspended from the party for one year.

He was still allowed to take his seat on the local council that his corruption had helped him secure.

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  1. What a stupid unpatriotic twit you are. After decades of brutality and repression of the Nationalists in the six counties, the best you can come up with is the above article.
    Grow up and get a life Anthony.

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