Sending some letters

Fianna Fail Junior Minister Tony Killeen is in trouble because he sent letters to the Minister for Justice seeking the early release of a sex offender. He defends himself as follows:

He only meant the letters to raise the issue of the sex offender’s deteriorating health and an alleged prison assault but couldn’t prove this because the letters were ‘accidentally’ deleted from his computer.

He accepts that the minister did respond to his pleas but he did not see the minister’s letter because his staff did not show it to him.

He says he ‘failed to see’ a letter sent to him by the Minister which made clear that the sex offender would not be given early release.

So, a misunderstanding of his intent, a defective computer, incompetent staff and a missed letter are all to blame – not Mr. Killeen.

To top it all, Mr. Killeen is using a public relations firm to help ‘explain’ his case – I wonder who’s paying the bill?

4 thoughts on “Sending some letters”

  1. Imagine that. It is a bit like Anthony being able to see such matters only when they happen to Fianna Fail politicians. No mention of the Fine Gael TD who was caught up in the same case. Selective targetting is what its called I believe. But in any case it sums up what this website is all about.

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