The pre-eminence of profit

“They’re not the same kind of open society as we are, they haven’t got the same parliamentary democratic process as us and we have to understand those sensitivities. It would be very wrong of us other than to understand and doesn’t take away from the fact we pointed out areas where there is concern internationally.”

Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, (Six One News).

“It is also the case that we have to have respect for other cultures and societies in a world of difference. It is all a bit more complex than saying this is just a simple matter of human rights.

Enterprise and Employment Minister, Micheal Martin, (Irish Independent).

“On what basis would we not talk to them? We can’t go around the world judging people,

Frank Ryan, chief executive of Enterprise Ireland, (Irish Independent). (All emphasis mine)

“On 3rd September 1992…Sadiq Abdul Karim Malallah was publicly beheaded in Saudi Arabia after being lawfully convicted of apostasy and blasphemy.” (The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, page 287).