In Hell with 'friends'

Bertie Ahern is going to burn in everlasting Hell. No, not for breaking political promises but because any Catholic who knowingly remains in a state of mortal sin is destined for Hell – no exceptions.

Of course, I don’t know Bertie’s actual state of sin at the moment but up until recent times he was living in sin and assuming he is a true hot blooded Irishman; it’s likely that he will have no scruples about doing so in the future and fair play to him.

His religious boss Pope Benedict XVI, however, has a different view. He recently restated that Catholics who remarried (and presumably those who live in sin) could not receive the Eucharist. To die while in a state of mortal sin means you burn forever.

Cardinal Angelo Scola, when asked if that meant Catholic politicians could be refused Communion, he said

“The document doesn’t say what it doesn’t want to say.”

This looks very bad for all those Catholic politicians who live exemplary lives but at the same time, understandably, want a bit of company and comfort on cold winter nights.

And what about all those priests, Bishops, Cardinals and even Popes who knowingly administer Communion to unrepentant mortal sinners? Will they too be joining the damned in everlasting hell?

And you can forget about this modern idea that Hell is some sort of lonely state of mind rather than, well…a real hell of a place. Benedict doesn’t mince his words on this matter.

“Hell is a place where sinners burn in an everlasting fire, and not just a religious symbol designed to galvanise the faithful.”

Personally, I’m looking forward to Hell. Heaven must be a very boring place, no sins, no gossip, people telling the truth all the time while floating about on pure white clouds, eating Philadelphia and crackers – No thanks.

Hell will be much more interesting. Hitler, Haughey, Thatcher, Jack the Ripper, Pat the Plasterer, Bertie, Bishop Casey, Bush and Osama reminiscing, Ian and Gerry still trying to agree on something/anything, the list is endless.

Shure, you could spend an eternity just hanging out with those guys getting the low down on what really happened.

2 thoughts on “In Hell with 'friends'”

  1. Be very careful now Anthony. Remember the little matter of casting the first stone etc. Operating a website as you and the nephew do under false pretences would also put you guys under the spotlight. Be mindful of the woman who couldnt resist the five grand as an offer for sexual favours.

  2. It is so important to focus on Anthonys snide reference to developments in Northern Ireland. The most important event to ever take place on this Island. An opportunity for a new beginning and yet Anthony has the temerity to cheapen it with his tacky comments and the end of the most tacky and purposive piece of script which has ever left the top of his pen.
    Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair together with the great Bill Clinton were the main pushers of this process but let us not forget those people with brilliant vision Charlie Haughey and Albert Reynolds who were the original Architects of the peace process which is now about to bear fruit.
    Anthony has now shown his true colours and is now well qualified to go work for Tony O’Reilly in Independent News and Media. In the race to the bottom in Irish media circles it doesn’t get much lower.

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