Accountability and advice

“I want to get out of here,” he said. “I’ve had enough of it. I’m weary, I’m tired of it. This tribunal has taken over my life,” he said. “This tribunal has been a cancer to me.” The tribunal has had “a massive impact” on him emotionally and intellectually.

Michael Lowry’s plea to be rid of the Moriarty Tribunal is, I think, genuine. His claim that the tribunal is like a cancer is evident when he appears on television. His face is drawn and anxious and he is, at times, on the verge of tears as desperately tries to escape from his self inflicted ordeal.

We can only hope that Michael and his political colleagues will eventually get rid of this grossly inefficient, expensive and sometimes cruel method of (non) accountability and submit themselves for judgement through the courts, just like ordinary citizens.

And speaking of accountability, I see that the so called Financial Regulator has issued yet another leaflet advising consumers to shop around.

When are we going to see a leaflet listing the financial institutions who have robbed their customers so that consumers can do their business in a safe financial environment?

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  1. This belated reference to Michael Lowry (a poor attempt to show some political balance)is not fooling anybody. Anthony you have been rumbled and there is nowhere to hide.
    Your previous “editorial” “In Hell with friends” was an absolute disgrace. Please have the good grace to acknowledge that and the courage to publish the responses.

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