'Memorandum of understanding'

The conflict between Quinn Direct and the Sunday Tribune has yet to be resolved, probably before a judge. The case has, however, revealed an interesting deal between the Gardai and the insurance company Axa Ireland.

According to the Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell the Gardai have a memorandum of understanding with Axa that gives the company a monopoly for towing away crashed vehicles.

It is likely, in our banana republic, that the terms and conditions attached to this ‘understanding’ between our police force and a private company are a state secret and so denied to ordinary citizens. Still, it would be nice to know.

One thought on “'Memorandum of understanding'”

  1. Anthony you really should get out a little bit more. If you want to find a real banana republic you only have to look East to our nearest neighbour, the UK. Cash for questions, peerages to the highest bidder, scientists forced into committing suicide for not towing the party line,illegal and unjustified wars. We are only trotting after that lot but as yourself and Gavin are so anti-irish and such lovers of everything Brittish it may be a little too much to expect you to acknowledge that.

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