Irony of ironies

After years of passionate campaigning by environmentalists and locals to stop Indaver setting up their incinerators; after years of official backing (sometimes with very questionable decisions) the company itself has pulled the plug because of government incompetence.

Surely, environmentalists will be looking to bottle this official incompetence as a potent weapon in future battles.

One thought on “Irony of ironies”

  1. Perhaps its more to do with the NIMBY mentality which would no doubt be very acceptable in Gavin and Anthony’s little Utopian universe. Waste must be disposed of somehow despite the opportunist commments is this latest piece.
    But then the Labour Party (or rather the proponents of Leftinesss) about which they are both so passionate have never been given an opportunity by the Irish people to put in place any proposals they might have on this subject. Usually they are no sooner in power than there is an immediate clamour to get them out again. Thats why you’ll find that they have never been re-elected for a second consecutive term. The Irish electorate are quite sophistacated and discerning, thankfully

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