Eurovision comedy

Fr. Ted is my favourite comedy and my favourite episode is Ted and Dougal’s participation in the Eurovision where they gave a fine rendition of My Lovely Horse.

Never, even in my most mad moments, did I think that this episode would become a reality. But that’s exactly what happened on Saturday night as Ireland bombed out, attracting a mere five votes from Albania.

Albania?? Where the feck is Albania?? Who the feck lives in Albania?? What connection has Albania with Ireland?? Does John Waters have a long lost cousin out there, on the run from a previous Eurovision??

Or, perhaps Dermot Morgan (cue music from the X Files) had a hand in this, the worst ever Irish performance.

Dermot was ruthless in his exposure of the vanity, arrogance and corruption of Irish politicians, especially the Fianna Fail variety. He was also hilariously dismissive of Catholicism.

John Waters is a Catholic fundamentalist and sees Haughey as the great chieftain leader of the Irish nation.

Well done Dermot, for the most enjoyable Eurovision ever.

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