Respect for the dead

There was a fierce row on Liveline recently over a poster put up by Fine Gael councillor Jim O’Leary. The poster depicted Bertie Ahern and Charlie Haughey with the legend ‘Let’s break with the past’.

Seems reasonable to me, O’Leary is a young candidate anxious for a future free of political corruption. Haugheyites, including Jimmy Guerin, brother of murdered journalist, Veronica Guerin, were not so reasonable. Indeed, they were extremely angry that this ‘great Irish patriot’ should be denigrated in such a manner so soon after his death.

Here’s some of what Guerin had to say:

“He’s speaking ill of the dead and that’s not something the Irish electorate will tolerate. The reality is he has taken a man who is revered by some, who has undoubtedly made a huge contribution to this country, a man who had faults but what he’s forgetting is the man is not dead a year and it is disrespectful to behave like this towards someone who has passed away.”

So, respect for the dead is apparently important to Haugheyites. When President Erskine Childers (a man who stood up to Haughey) died in 1974, Haughey was asked why he was attending the funeral. He replied;

“To make sure the fucker is well planted”

Ah yes, respect.

5 thoughts on “Respect for the dead”

  1. Yeah OK I know I said I wouldn’t take an active part etc. but hey that was nearly a week ago 🙂 I just couldn’t resist !

    To be honest I am totally gobsmacked that there are still people in Ireland who attempt to protect the ‘legacy’ of Haughey let alone to do it publicly.

    I can just about Visualise an ancient Farmer/Fisherman way out west reminiscing into his
    pint of the black stuff about “how great the Haughey fella was” “He was an IRA man ya know” But to have a ‘modern’ politician do it in public is laughable.
    Is it a prerequisite that in order to become a TD in FF one has to bow and scrape at the altar of Corrupticus biggus (AKA Charlies ‘legacy’)

    Perhaps the best way to get the message across is to stress it again….. CHARLES HAUGHEY WAS A CORRUPT PERSON AND A CORRUPT POLITICIAN. BERTIE AHERN IS AN ALLEGEDLY CORRUPT PERSON AND AN ALLEGEDLY CORRUPT POLITICIAN. (For allegedly read ‘yet to be proven’)

  2. Thanks for the compliment Ant but we could never be brothers cos brothers keep in touch by telephone and suchlike 🙂

  3. Sound like a Bum Chums fall out to me. Anyway the Election is done and dusted now and the Country is guaranteed some prosperity for another five years at least. The people have spoken with a loud voice and told you guys in no uncertain terms where to get off.

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