PD self destruction

Without doubt the most positive outcome of the election was the virtual destruction of the Progressive Democrats as a party and in particular McDowell’s banishment from the political scene.

As the most arrogant and dangerous politician since Haughey I was delighted when he was elected leader of the PD’s because it was a virtual certainty that he would seriously damage the party.

In September 2006, when Mary Harney resigned as party leader I sent the following email to General Secretary, John Higgins

The people of Ireland can only hope that Michael McDowell is elected
as the new leader of the Progressive Democrats. His arrogance,
incompetence, giant ego and extreme right wing views are sure to cause
the PDs even more damage.

The passing into history of the PDs can only be a good thing for the people of Ireland and especially for the quality of Irish democracy. For a party that started out with such high ideals and integrity it has been sad to witness its descent to Fianna Fail levels of tolerance of sleaze and dishonesty.

Yours etc.