Quiet Mary

It’s not surprising that Fianna Fail is once again back in government. What is surprising is the strength of the surge towards the party as the campaign drew to a close. It seems that voters were simply not willing to take the risk of putting the economy in the hands of a new administration.

It is likely that the new government will consist of Mary Harney and Fianna Fail leaning independents which, in effect, will be a Fianna Fail majority administration.

Mary Harney, who long ago learned to turn a blind eye to the FF way of ‘doing business’, will be keeping very quiet. She will be only too happy to concentrate on her campaign of setting up an American style health system where personal wealth will be the deciding factor in the quality of treatment received.

One thought on “Quiet Mary”

  1. Unfortuately, it would appear Mary Harney could utilize her
    vast ‘hush hush’ experience in the American Health and/or political system.

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