An innocent among the sharks

There was a great moment on last Friday’s Today with Pat Kenny.

A panel was discussing the latest shenanigans at the Mahon Tribunal and in particular the unreliability of Tom Gilmartin as a witness.

Caroline Kennedy of Kennedy PR thought Tom was a bit paranoid in claiming that somebody in AIB had tipped off Liam Lawlor about a meeting.

“It’s highly unlikely a bank official would do that I would have thought.”

Pat, astonished at her naivety, quickly informed her that banks will always do what’s best for business (Something every ripped off customer knows only too well)

Caroline should have changed the subject at that point but she continued to dig.

“Surely a bank would be bound by a confidentiality arrangement with its client, why would it tip one client off against another.”

Fionnan Sheahan, political correspondent for the Irish Independent came to her rescue this time, telling her that banks are mainly bound by profit maximization only.

What astonishes me is how Ms. Kennedy managed to build a top class PR company without apparently being aware of the widespread criminality within Irish banking.