Damn them all

My heart goes out to poor Denis O’Brien. Beleaguered by a mob of begrudgers he is valiantly fighting for the rights of the small man.

Besieged behind his solid gold barricade Denis stands four-square with Bertie to stem the onslaught of those nosey judges and their greedy barristers.

Damn those who accuse the blonde billionaire of avoiding tax, of legging it out of the country with his €290 million Esat Telecom profit, damn them.

But now he’s back, back to fight the good fight. Yes, millions have already been wasted on tribunals but the golden boy has now joined forces with Bertie and on behalf of all the peasant taxpayers of the green and pleasant land of Ireland he is going to stop them, stop them in their tracks.

Damn them I tell you, damn them all.

One thought on “Damn them all”

  1. If non-resident Denis is so concerned about the truth and honest investigation why is he investing in the Indo!


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