Dunphy, seeing the light

“Ireland is a very, very corrupt country in all its institutions and professions.”

This was the view expressed by Eamonn Dunphy on last Sunday’s Marian Fincuane Show. When asked to elaborate, Dunphy went on; (Edited version)

“If you reflect on our professions, accountants, Bankers, Gardai, some of our major business figures and no less a person than the Taoiseach himself who is going to be in Dublin Castle this week.

I think that any forensic view of all of that tells us that we live in a deeply corrupt society.

We need honest people in public life and we need serious regulators running regulatory authorities. If you’re an accountant or banker and you are caught you need to be punished. I’m sick of seeing the consequences of corruption in this country, in every aspect of our national life.

If there is no probity, if there is no sense of justice abroad in our community then why should anyone behave? How can we point the finger at a delinquent, a gangster when people in suits are very often not much better?”

Welcome to the long held views of Public Inquiry, Eamonn.