Facing the appalling vista

The Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe has resigned after less than a year in office following a series of financial scandals involving some of his cabinet ministers.

Speaking on Morning Ireland, RTEs Charlie Bird expressed the following opinion on the latest episode of Bertigate.

“The public in a sense have already made their verdict on Bertie Ahern in the election. They knew all about this, they voted for him. Now what is at stake for Bertie Ahern is his legacy.”

The possibility of Ahern resigning is such a remote possibility that it doesn’t even enter the consciousness of our most experienced and professional broadcasters.

Over the next week or so Ahern’s financial fantasy world will receive wall to wall coverage and analysis but the question of resignation will hardly be mentioned, if at all.

Everybody knows what the reality is but nobody will actually talk about it. Everybody knows that such low standards are not tolerated in any other Western democracy. Deep down, every Irish citizen knows what we are but very few are prepared to face the appalling vista.

2 thoughts on “Facing the appalling vista”

  1. Theres not much more to say really is there.Youve said it all. http://www.soldiersofdestiny.org would concurr and so would most decent Dublin citizens.
    (Good citizens are in a minority,I fear in Ireland nowadays)It was nice to hear that a few of them turned out to boo him at the Tribunal-even his own “rent-a- crowd could not drown out the distaste.
    Anyway whats the point,there is no opposition to the status quo, better the mafia you know than the fools you dont.

  2. Chariie Bird’s reputation has been greatly damaged by the biased coverage of the Ahern affair as has the reputation of RTE- this organisation would be more honest if it rebranded itself as the propaganda unit of Fianna Fail

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