Young Jimmy's First Communion

“Have you no shame about the way you’ve talked about our children, they’re Irish children, they’re American children.”

This was the cringe inducing challenge made to Presidential candidate Mitt Romney by Ciaran Staunton of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (Six One News, 1st item).

While Staunton was delivering his whine several of those present reminded him that the people he represented were illegal.

The whining of this group who believe the illegal Irish in America should get special treatment is an embarrassment.

Romney replied, to loud applause, that there should be no special pathway placing the Irish ahead of the millions who are waiting legally in line around the world.

The group is, of course, entitled to lobby just as other countries do but the key point is that they actually believe the Irish should be placed first, that somehow the Irish are more entitled, more deserving, that they should get special consideration above and beyond everybody else.

Anyone willing to listen is solemnly informed that the 50,000 or so Irish illegals in the US are suffering terribly because they can’t come home to Aunt Mary’s funeral or young Jimmy’s First Communion. Such torture, surely there’s a case here for intervention by the United Nations.

Meanwhile, many of the other 12 million illegals in the US, mostly from Latin America, face abject poverty, torture and even death if they are forced to return to their home countries.

But sure what’s that against missing young Jimmy’s First Communion?