Getting to the point

This letter in yesterday’s Irish Independent gets right to the point.

Taoiseach gives cause for shame

Thursday January 10 2008

I am very sorry if Ms Martin (Letters, January 8) feels embarrassed at our prime minister trying to answer questions about large cash transactions that defy rational explanation.

We have a man who received an unsolicited non-repayable loan of IR£39,000, mostly in cash, to pay off legal debts which he already had taken out a bank loan to pay off.

A non-repayment loan which had no term, rate of interest, or schedule of repayments.

A non-repayment loan which he never seriously made an effort to pay back for over a decade.

A non-repayment loan which some of his close personal friends have said was a gift that they never wanted paid back.

A man who didn’t have a bank account for several years, but managed to save IR£50,000 in cash.

Who received stg£30,000 in cash to refurbish a house which he didn’t own.

Who has no explanation to how $45,000 in cash was lodged to his bank account.

Who has no memory of why he withdrew IR£50,000 in cash from his former girlfriend’s bank account.

Who has no memory of why or how he purchased stg£30,000 in cash.

All this from a man who was the Minister for Finance. A man who told the Irish people in the infamous interview with Brian Dobson that: “I know the tax law. I’m an accountant.”

Ms Martin is dead right, it is farcical and enough to make one feel ashamed of one’s roots.



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