Disturbing opinion

In a previous posting regarding Bertie Ahern’s fantasies I wrote;

“Only a fool would believe he is telling the truth and only someone from Mars would be in any doubt as to what really happened.”

Ulick McEvaddy of Omega Air is one of the richest men in Ireland and is obviously nobody’s fool when it comes to business but he is a fool when it comes to the subject of Bertie Ahern.

Here’s what he had to say on the matter during yesterday’s Marian Finucane Show.

“I worry more about the precarious state of our economy; meanwhile we’re taking the chief executive of Ireland Inc. and having him pilloried in a public session.

It’s almost as if we’re pressing a self destruct button. When Ireland needs clear leadership and clear challenges out there for our economy and what we’re doing, we’re taking our chief executive and rubbishing him.

Clearly, he’s diminished in the eyes of the world; he deals with politicians in foreign climes and instead of being credible as a prime minister, negotiating Ireland’s future he’s being diminished by those of us at home who want to take him down. I think that’s wrong for Ireland Inc.”

I can understand Ahern’s supporters and especially Fianna Fail politicians coming out time after time and telling us that black is white.

They have a long and infamous tradition of putting their own interests before that of the Irish people. We know these people, we know how dishonest they are; we know that the interests of the Irish people are way down their list of priorities.

Mc Evaddy opinion is different in that he seems to genuinely believe what he’s saying, that’s what’s really disturbing.

2 thoughts on “Disturbing opinion”

  1. There is really no mystery as far as the views of McEvaddy are concerned. This is evident in his use of the term “Ireland Inc”. He clearly believes that the country is populated by a species of being called “homo economicus”. It can also be deduced that he sees no other purpose to life other than making money for himself and those who can facilitate that purpose.

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