HSE Leprechauns

How’s this for a great piece of Leprechaun logic?

The Health Service Executive (HSE) is closing down a home for homeless pregnant women so that the women can be looked after in their own homes.

Yes, that’s correct – The HSE is going to look after homeless pregnant women in their own homes.

Somebody from the home was supposed to discuss the matter on Liveline today but, apparently, the ruthless bureaucrats in the HSE got to them first and imposed a news blackout.

Sinn Fein Councillor Christy Burke, who recently seconded a motion at a Dublin City Council meeting calling for the abolition of the HSE, suspects that the HSE is planning to sell the home.

He’s probably right; the property is located on Eglington Road in Donnybrook, which according to Joe Duffy, is the second most expensive piece of real estate in the country after Ailsbury Road.

So, out with these homeless women, the HSE Leprechauns want to dig for their crock of gold.