Frank Dunlop – No regrets, no worries

Frank Dunlop has completed his evidence to the Mahon Tribunal (RTE, 7th item). He has no regrets and only one concern – to get his book published before the tribunal reports.

He was one of the central facilitators in some of the most destructive and blatant planning corruption in the history of the State and he’s not in the least bit worried about any possible consequences.

And he has no need to worry because he lives in a country that accepts corruption as a normal and legitimate aspect of its culture.

2 thoughts on “Frank Dunlop – No regrets, no worries”

  1. Maybe people are afraid to respond?Corruption is just like violent crime a blind eye has been part and parcel of the elite since the foundation of the state.But maybe now that the church has realised in the shape of fr.Dr.Eoin Cassidy and the irish commission for justice and social affairs that something constructive needs to be done.

  2. Very short post;the governments “a vision for change 2006 vs paddoconnells”encouragechange”?Also it is alleged that it is against the LAW for “ANYBODY”to contact the dpps office and request him to either withdraw or not proceed with a “PROSECUTION”slan.

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