Transparency and accountability anybody?

It’s difficult to keep track but I think the Rebecca O’Malley report was the fourth such report published in recent times concerning gross incompetence in the HSE and I think there’s another three in the pipeline.

These investigations/reports are now an integral part of the Irish ‘health’ system. We are constantly assured after each report that change is on the way, that from now on there will be accountability and transparency, that from now on patients will come first blah blah blah.

The honesty of the HSE bureaucrats, the honesty of Prof. Drumm, the honesty of Minister for health, Mary Harney should be judged by their actions rather than their empty promises.

Here’s how these low grade public servants reacted to the latest cancer misdiagnosis scandal in Dundalk, Drogheda and Navan (Six One News, 1st item).

They have refused to say how many patients are involved.
They have refused to say what hospitals are involved.
They have refused to say what year the misdiagnosis’s occurred.
They have refused to say when they became aware of the problem.
They have refused to say what the exact nature of the problem is.
They have refused (bizarrely) to say why they are refusing to say all of the above.

The consequence of this Soviet style secrecy is deep worry for thousands of Irish citizens who have had any treatment for any cancer over the last number of years.

Transparency and accountability anybody?

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