Flynn's 'appropriate time'

Letter Irish Times – 9th April.

A chara, – Patrick O’Leary (April 7th) wonders whether Bertie Ahern’s attack on the Mahon tribunal was the “last sting of a dying wasp” of arrogant politicians and cute hoorism in this country.

In his resignation speech, Mr Ahern refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing in accepting vast quantities of money from private individuals, a statement which elicited no response from any Government minister.

In the days following his speech Mr Ahern welcomed Beverley Flynn back to the Fianna Fáil party, indicating without irony that her return had come “at an appropriate time”.

Recently the Taoiseach has expressed the desire, which seems to be gaining currency among politicians, to scrap the law governing tribunals, thus further eroding political accountability.

The patriot in me should share Mr O’Leary’s hope that the country is maturing politically subsequent to this affair, but the pragmatist tells me not to hold my breath. – Is mise,

ERIC CREAN, Shandon Gardens, Dublin 7.