The report that isn't a report

The report on the review of the special passport facility for Oireachtas Members was published on the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs two weeks ago.

I was therefore surprised by the reaction I received from the DFA press office when I phoned yesterday to ask some questions regarding the report.

“The report is in the final stages of being finalised. Some of the key people who were involved putting the report together are currently out of the office so we don’t expect the final report to be signed off until the very end of this month or into early September, So, I’m afraid we are unable to answer question until that has taken place.”

But, says I, the report is finished and published – it’s on your website.

“No, the report isn’t published.”

I indicated to the spokesperson where, on their website, the report is published and, after a long silence, he replied.

“This isn’t the report; this is a report on the review itself but the review itself hasn’t been published. This is just updating to where it is, where we currently are on this but it isn’t the actual final report, this is a report on the review, it’s not the review. Do you follow me?”

He rang back later and we talked about the report but, not unexpectedly, he was unable to answer any of my questions.

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