Honouring the corrupt Haughey

Every year the former corrupt politician Charlie Haughey is honoured by the organisers of Dingle Regatta and every year I write a letter of protest to the main national newspapers.

This year, for the first time, my letter wasn’t published. Perhaps the memory of the crimes that this man committed are beginning to fade or perhaps the editors thought my letter was too strong. I think myself it was perfectly reasonable.

There’s not a great deal that can be done about the annual farce in Dingle where the discredited former Taoiseach Charles Haughey is honoured by the organisers of the town’s regatta.

It is, however, a national scandal and a slap in the face to all compliant taxpayer’s that a State ship, the LE Orla, formed an integral part of the ceremonies for this major tax cheat.

Yours etc.
Anthony Sheridan

3 thoughts on “Honouring the corrupt Haughey”

  1. Hey, Anthony.

    What they are really saying is “if we ignore him, then he might go away”

    But don’t, dear boy. Don’t.

  2. Thanks for that Haymoon, I can assure you that I have no intention of going away especially when it comes to the Haughey mafia.

  3. Amazing honour a man who told everyone to live within their means and did the exact opposite himself. Restored fiscal rectitude by savage cutbacks in health and education to get the country out of the mess that his party had largely lead into.

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