Back to the UK?

Letter in this morning’s Irish Independent

Shoppers fleeing rip-off Republic

Tuesday September 09 2008

The news that private bus companies are running buses from Dublin, and as far as Athlone, to the Asda stores in the North should be proof positive that prices here are far too high.

Why would anyone travel as far as 300 kilometres on a bus to do their weekly shop, unless there was a huge difference in prices?

This year, 40pc of the shoppers in the Asda store in Strabane are from the Republic, as opposed to 27pc last year. This is a national disgrace.

Mary Coughlan has commissioned yet another report as to why prices are so much higher here than up North. She had better get the report on her desk without delay or she could find herself out of a job faster than she thinks.

People are fed up being ripped off in this republic and morale is sinking fast.

If the Government can’t sort out the problems we’re all facing then it’s time to get a new one, or else Dick Roche will be having another referendum — not on the Lisbon Treaty — but on whether or not we go back into the United Kingdom.


4 thoughts on “Back to the UK?”

  1. Ochon Peadar – of course its an Irish problem.
    I won’t buy Irish-supermarket meat anymore. Am fed up popping it into dog bowls.
    Think its down to untrained/low-paid butchers who cut meat with the grain as opposed to against it – perhaps they are ex-carpenters.
    The amount of dross (brown-bitty foam) that has now to be removed from stewing steak is unreal.
    Costs do not-not reflect the quality in southern Irish supermarkets!
    Yes, I will travel 70-80 miles to visit Sainsburys in NI.
    Yes, I will make a pre-Christmas trip to France (circa 230 euros) to buy quality food and wine at reasonable prices.

  2. I get my meat from the local butcher, sourced from local farmers. The quality is outstanding. As a meat producer myself, I know the prices you pay in the supermarket have no relationship to the price the farmer is getting for his product. On sheep alone, I think the loss at market is about 7 Euro a lamb now. This is not sustainable, and soon all our meat will be supermarket meat imported from countries whoes farmers don’t have the expense and time consumption of all the EU regulations to follow. We are witnessing the end of sheep farming in Ireland. First the sugar beet industry, then fishing, now sheep. Hasn’t the EU been a great thing for Ireland?

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