God bless Ireland

Picture the scene:

A large group of policemen are sitting around the station with nothing to do. Organised crime has been terminated; carnage on the roads has been brought to a halt; even white collar crime has, at last, been tackled and the jails are full.

What are we to do pleads a desperately enthusiastic rookie. The experienced Sgt. has the answer. C’mon me boyos, it’s Good Friday – Let’s raid the restaurants.

And so, the greatest insult to the Great One in his heavenly abode is finally redressed, the greatest danger facing the civilised world is narrowly averted by our boys in blue as they bravely tackle those evil, meat eating, wine drinking demons

The world, nay, the universe is at peace – God bless Ireland.

3 thoughts on “God bless Ireland”

  1. As a non-drinker the Good Friday (non) drinking laws shouldn’t bother me – as an athiest , they drive me me demented.

    We no longer live in a country which is 99% Catholic and preventing non-Catholics (or Catholics who are willing to take their chances with eternal hell and damnation) from having a pint on Good Friday on the basis that we once did, is ludicrous.

    If national laws which have a basis in canon law are not to be repealed, we should at least introduce new laws which implement edicts from other religions.

    For a start, all pork products would be banned (Judaism) and the Angelus should be broadcast 5 times a day (Islam).

  2. As an ‘extreme agnostic’ I couldn’t agree with you more Ambassador. Even if the country was 100% Catholic there would still be no justification – in a real democracy – for imposing religious laws on citizens

  3. Sweet Jesus, agnostic or not – who can afford to drink heavily-taxedrestaurant wine in Ireland on Good Friday or any other damn day.

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