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Letter’s in today’s Irish Times.


Judge Mary Fahy deserves great praise for her liberal and perfectly logical judgment regarding what she called the “ludicrous and ridiculous” prosecutions brought by Galway gardaí against nine restaurants for serving wine on Good Friday ( The Irish Times , September 10th).

This religiously inspired medieval law should be scrapped forthwith.

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The comments of Judge Mary Fahy, criticising laws banning the sale of alcohol on Good Friday, are astounding. Even more amazing is that the judge refused to apply the law and record convictions against people who had demonstrably broken it.

Since when is it the responsibility of judges of the District Court to criticise and refuse to implement acts of the Oireachtas? Are we to live in a state where judges pick and choose the laws which, in their opinion, are worth applying? – Yours, etc,


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  1. Even though I agree with Anthony, Michael Kelly still makes a good point. I wonder can some legal eagle gives us a view on the legality of Judge Mary Fahy’s decision. She herself mentioned that she could be in trouble over it.

  2. I agree Haymoon. Initially, I was going headline the post ‘Different views’ but then realilsed that they were separate views on the same event.

  3. While I agree that the, no alcohol on Good Friday law, is draconian and in obvious breach of even, a pretence, of separation of church and state, judges of the District Court should not refuse to implement acts of the Oireachtas.
    This selective application on the laws of the land, makes a mockery of “natural justice” in this county. We see it all the time. “Let’s not forget that Jim Flavin is and will remain a free man despite his €83 million fraud on the Irish Stock Market.” Many more examples, too numerous to mention, are systemic of the attitude our society holds that, what is wrong is not wrong, if you are a member of a certain class. That some privileged individuals are above the law has eroded our trust and respect for law and government is this land.

  4. I agree with Janet with one small reservation: I believe that disregarding the law when it’s to your advantage is not the action of a certain class, but rather is prevalent at every level of our society. In Ireland, the law is viewed as a tool to assist you in getting your own way, and something to be ignored when a hindrance. Those at the top are just better placed to get away with it.

  5. Very true scumberculosis. That is exactly my point. The privileged class gets away with it. And they get away with so much more. Compare the “gifts” ~Bertie says he never got ~ to some working grunt taking a couple of items in a shop because the pay doesn’t stretch far enough to get the kids their school things, or the old couple that can’t pay the TV license. Who is getting away with the real crime? Not only is Bertie getting away with it but he is toasted, wined and dined and will probably have statues erected in his honor as did his pal Charlie.

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