Cowen saves the world

We are constantly told that our Prime Minister, Brian Cowen, is an extremely intelligent man but I have yet to see any hard evidence for this claim.

Yesterday we heard that he doesn’t understand why a group of senior civil servants wanted to remain anonymous after they called for radical reforms of the Public Service, including massive redundancies. Mr. Cowen is obviously not familiar with the term ‘career suicide’ used by the civil servants.

Our Great Leader is pictured on the front of today’s Irish Times with some guy called Bono, who, judging by his dress, is some kind of vagrant. Beneath the picture Cowen is quoted:

“I think everyone understands that this is the economic environment in which we now have to operate. So we’re facing some difficult times.”

Surely, future generations will be forever grateful that our Great Dear Leader did not selfishly restrict these pearls of wisdom to the confines of Dail Eireann where only the Irish nation would have benefited.

Instead, he generously shared his insightful and enlightened assessment with the entire world during a visit to UN headquarters in New York.

Surely, now, the world is truly saved.