Why in hell…

Letter in today’s Irish Independent.

Why is Harney still in a job?

Please tell me, in all honesty, why in hell is Mary Harney still in office? What does someone have to do in Ireland to get the boot? How much longer can you tolerate these people? I guess when you elect Mr Haughey in for three terms my question is indeed moot.

It’s only news when someone steals millions, then you have a tribunal which costs millions, only to say, yes, he did indeed steal millions.


3 thoughts on “Why in hell…”

  1. Great minds think alike. I was just saying the same thing to my husband this morning. She’d have gotten the axe long ago if she was employed in the private sector. agus sin sin

  2. One has to wonder why she wants to stay in the job. All she is doing is being the scapegoat for Fianna Fail. Generally I think the running of the public system/hospitals into the ground is the real agenda therefore forcing you to go private. Like that guy in the “Bitter pill” who wrote that if the public system worked they won’t be a need to go private. All about money really.

  3. Spot on Ferdia. That is their plan and they are doing a great job at it. So competance is not the issue. Agenda is.

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