FAS scandal – Entering phase three

The FAS scandal has now moved into phase three.

Phase one was the denial by Tanaiste Mary Coughlin that there were any serious questions to answer.

Phase two was the uncovering of the real story by the media, so called State authorities don’t do investigation/accountability.

Phase three requires a fall guy to avoid the risk of real accountability.

The Government makes an offer to Molloy that he can’t refuse – resign with full pension and entitlements or we’ll screw you into the ground.

Molloy has only two years to do before official retirement, time to take the money and run, time to abandon any pretence of serving the people. In return for his betrayal of the State he will receive high (but dishonest) praise from Government ministers for his ‘loyal and honourable’ service to the country.

As he legs it out the door with his bags of money and fat pension his ears ring with the last order from his political masters:

Don’t even think about playing the hero by appearing before the Public Accounts Committee’.

3 thoughts on “FAS scandal – Entering phase three”

  1. Mr molloys golden handshake should be withheld until the full investigation into the FAS Corruption is finalised. Being a Donegal person I am very dissapointed in Tanaiste Mary Coughlan, she is an excellent austronaut as she is on a different planet most of the time and has ignored Reports given to her about FAS Corruption and job-fixing.


    FAS executives including Peter McLoone try to say the great work FAS has done. Well with one billion some money did get spent training people, but to breakdown FAS had 22million a week. Thats the cost of a new hospital for Letterkenny, so where did FAS spend the money? The entire FAS Board has to be SACKED and a complete restructure of the entire training and education system to re-educate and help people start new business.

    The FAS fat cats should be put on the dole and see how they like it.

  2. I’ve listened to the news and read the papers constantly for the last decade or more. During this time, year after year it was comforting to hear things like “another record year for tax receipts”, or “tax receipts have significantly exceeded expectations”. And what do the “shower” entrusted with our finances and the power to strategically manage and develop that growth do? They blow it of course. On public sector waste, on a joke of a health service and a regressing education system. Comforting? No. Progress? No. Gross misconduct and misappropriation of hard earned money? Absolutely YES.

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