RTE and Gaza war

My overall sense of RTEs coverage of the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip is – Israel bad, Hamas good. Today with Pat Kenny, in particular, seems very anti Israel.

On today’s show we heard from a pro Hamas spokesperson, a slightly pro Hamas Middle East expert and a neutral journalist, the Israeli side wasn’t represented. There’s also a very noticeable difference in how each side is treated during interviews.

On Friday’s show the pro Hamas spokesperson was asked soft questions and allowed full time to answer while the Israeli ambassador to Ireland was constantly challenged to explain his country’s behaviour and frequently interrupted with even more hostile questions.

3 thoughts on “RTE and Gaza war”

  1. Perhaps this so-called unbalanced reporting (I disagree with your assertion by the way) is simply a reflection of the disproportionate nature of the conflict itself, i.e homemade fireworks/rockets vs. US built ultra modern machines of war?

  2. Perhaps the reason that the media are treating Israel differently this time and with some hostility is because this time it is Israel not Hamas who are slaughtering innocent civilians including women and children. Anyone with an ounce of humanity an even a fair bit of support for Israel cannot but be revolted at their actions.

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