Morally blind

Letter in last Tuesday’s Irish Independent.

ONCE again we have an apologist for the Catholic Church making the nauseating equation between the ongoing child abuse outrages in the Catholic Church with the tiny number of clergy who have suffered through false allegations. Mary Kenny’s article (Irish Independent, January 5) puts her morally in the same place as Bishop Magee.


One thought on “Morally blind”

  1. “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see”

    It beggars belief that Bishop Magee (like others before him)offers the excuse for inaction as being “in learning mode”.
    Church prelates must number among the world’s slowest learners! When clerical child abuse was first given publicity many years ago a similar excuse which first emerged for not dealing adequately with offenders was that there was imperfect knowledge of the persistence of pedophilia tendencies among offenders. The naivety of this excuse is mind boggling considering the institutional church’s centuries of experience of evil in all its varied forms.
    So much for the inspiration of the Holy Ghost!

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