Fuck off LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne is some sort of a singer but, apparently, doesn’t like interviews, he finds them quite boring. This intolerance of facilitating his fan(s) had a very nervous Ryan Tubridy in all kinds of knots yesterday.

Tubridy: “You’re quite chatty, I mean, you will talk if you’re marginally engaged.”

LaMontagne: “If it’s interesting.”

Tubridy: “Ok, I’ve nothing else interesting to say to you now. Who are these heads (band members?) here with you today?”

Tubridy: “You’re all welcome. Anyway Ray LaMontagne, you’re going to sing a song for us now, I really love this song. I’m not just saying that to make you feel better about yourself.” (oooops).

Realising that he had made a dreadful faux pas, that the great LaMontagne, whoever he is, was not amused, Tubridy desperately added – “No, I really love it.” But it was too late.

LaMontagne: (In a very disapproving tone) “I feel pretty good about myself. I don’t need anybody to make me feel good about myself.”

Tubridy: (Increasingly desperate) I know, but, but…I’m trying to give you…(Then, an even more desperate attempt to save himself) – “You look good, you’re brimming with confidence”

But the great LaMontagne, whoever he is, wasn’t to be placated so Tubridy decided to go for the ultimate in desperation – the Fr. Ted option.

“But I’m just trying to pay you a compliment because we don’t do that in Ireland very much, we normally say something like, fuck off, not quite, but not far off.”

Of course, Tubridy got his interview all backwards. The moment this LaMontagne guy, whoever he is, opened his conceited mouth he should actually have been told to – fuck off.

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Poor Ryan Tubridy

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  1. This jerkoff is just recycled “affected” Joe Cocker. Get a shave, haircut, and a personality.

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