Media and officialdom

I see Moira Creedon (Irish Times) is agreement with me on the pathetic media reaction to Brian Cowen’s (in) famous speech.


I cannot believe the media in this country are so pathetic.

National debt is about to go through the roof — assuming we can actually borrow the money. The private sector is indebted well beyond sustainability. Personal and corporate bankruptcy is forecast to escalate. Bank workers take a pay rise not because they are worth it but because they can. Unemployment is galloping towards the 400,000 mark. Discredited bank directors and regulators retire to play golf on massive pensions.

And the media seem impressed because an incompetent prime minister made a 17-minute speech in recognisable English? No wonder the country is in the current morass. – Yours, etc,


Inchicore Road,
Dublin 8.

It really is interesting to observe the extent to which the media, and especially RTE, have seamlessly merged with officialdom.

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  1. I never watch RTE News any more, the just drone out the propaganda of their paymasters The Republican Party. God save Ireland from Republicans like this.

  2. I wish you the best of luck with this. There is an increasingly serious problem in this country whereby democracy is diluted on multiple fronts. The current local elections campaigns remind me of Iraq. Yippee, we have democracy – we get to vote. Eh, for what? For a pretty blond girl who looks good in a poster picture. The coverage from the media is so poor it is impossible to know what we are voting for. The parties’ idea of communicating the basis on which we should vote is to spend money on glossy handouts showing their pretty young candidate standing in front of some local development. Yes, we stand for community development and jobs. Apparently so does everybody. How original of you.

    Who is having the b&lls to stand for massive culls in the public sector. Who has the b&lls to put their neck on the line and insist that we will have to slash politician and senior civil service salaries down to normal European levels before this country is going anywhere. For a country the size of Manchester the levels of bureaucray are beyond any acceptable sanity. The costs of all aspects of business which are impacted by government – all taxes, utilities, water charges, waste charges are off the richter scale due to hopelessly over costly governmnt.

    The media funding sources are drying up fast, meaning that it will only get worse….Democracy is almost meaingless n the absence of a fully functional, analystical and critical media. Independant blogs whether or not we agree with them at least allow for open debate, but unfortunately cannot replace well resourced media that can do investigative work.

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