Don’t hold your breath Angela

Sometime last week economist George Lee said the following about the financial crisis.

“We’re the people at risk now, we’re the ones picking up this tab…and that’s why I want to know all the details. I want to know what is the real state of financial affairs with the banks, I want to be able to believe them, I don’t blooming well believe them and that’s the damage that’s done.

I feel as an ordinary citizen completely abused by what’s gone on because it’s like they’re taking us for fools. I want the details, I don’t expect the Government to be perfect in their answer …but I think they have an obligation to people not to treat them like thicks, we want to know the details and we’re not stupid, we want to know the truth.”

George, like most people in Ireland wants to be told the truth, he wants leadership, and he doesn’t want to be treated like a fool.

Here’s some of what Finance Minister Brian Lenihan had to say during an interview with John Bowman at the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis

Asked about his comment that he was ‘unfortunate to have been appointed Minister for Finance just as the economy came to a shuddering halt’ he said:

“I wasn’t referring to my appointment as minister in that comment, I was referring to the fact that it was a misfortune that the building industry had come to a halt and it had. And when I pointed that out I was subjected to a great deal of criticism and abuse, the point was I was telling facts.

We have to face up to facts as a country and there’s too much denial going on in relation to our current difficulties.”

This is just a straightforward lie; the minister was referring to his appointment. He was criticised (but hardly abused) for the comment. But in true Fianna Fail tradition Lenihan just can’t face the truth, he has to try and lie his way out of what was really a minor faux pas. Then, again in typical Fianna Fail fashion, he goes on to accuse the rest of us of being in denial.

When it was put to Lenihan that the denial came from him he replied.

“…The idea that we can escape from making a contribution is an illusion. I think that has to be understood by the public fully yet. I don’t blame the public for that because the speed of the deterioration has been very; very rapid…naturally the public are confused and angry about this…”

So, George Lee is looking to be told the truth, not to be treated like a thick and the Minister responds by telling him and the rest of us that the nation (but not Fianna Fail) is in denial, that we don’t really understand what’s happening, (but Fianna Fail does), and that we’re delusional and confused

Bowman mentioned that German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the EU would consider assistance for Ireland if honest and open reports were forthcoming.

Don’t hold your breath Angela.