Time for a coup in Fine Gael?

One of the greatest mysteries of Irish political life is how Enda Kenny is still leader of Fine Gael.

His performance in poll after poll is pathetic and the reason is obvious, he’s a nice man but a completely ineffective politician. The last thing Ireland needs at this time is a ‘nice man’, what’s needed is a courageous, visionary, kick-assing son of a bitch with one focus – the best interests of the Irish people.

It’s an important issue because the leader of Fine Gael is likely to be the next Taoiseach. Richard Bruton’s name has got a lot of mention but unfortunately he’s also a nice man. Asked recently if he thought Brian Lenihan should resign Bruton meekly replied in the negative. No, Richard is a good accountant but he’s lacks the political killer touch.

Lucinda Creighton is a constant and capable party representative but is far too conservative in her views to be an effective leader at this time. James Reilly is also high profile and certainly very passionate in his views but he needs to come clean about the disgraceful deal he negotiated for his fellow doctors some years ago. All he has to do is admit it was dishonest and that would be the end of it.

I think Leo Varadkar is about the best man for the job as leader of Fine Gael and ultimately the country. He’s articulate, passionate and not afraid to step on delicate toes. Ok, he has had a tendency to put his foot in it from time to time but I’m sure with experience and good advice that could be sorted. Time for a coup in Fine Gael methinks.

8 thoughts on “Time for a coup in Fine Gael?”

  1. Please, Creighton is a joke. Varadkar isn’t far from the same. Bruton is too nice because he didn’t demand that his opponent resign? That’s not a lack of ruthlessness, that’s an abundance of it – the longer Lenihan stays in that position, the more damage he’s doing to himself as a long-term (post-Cowen) asset to Fianna Fáil.

  2. One of the greatest mysteries of Irish political life is how Enda Kenny is still leader of Fine Gael.

    Because in election, after election, Fine Gael’s performance has improved under his leadership.

  3. With all due respect, Leo Varadker is also a doctor and not once have i heard him renounce the obscene consultants contract and corrupt medical situation in ireland. Since when was it normal for a child to have to pay for treatment or simply to see a gp. Lets hear it leo. If hes the future,you can forget about fundamental change.

  4. No worries. I just find it galling when he preaches to these people and that. What about his own buddies?

    This country needs radical change. It is corrupt from top to bottom and some of that corruption is not noticed by many. The fact that one must attend a GP and pay them €60 just so you can get on some infinite waiting list for the pleasure of forking out another €300+ to some consultant is corrupt and obscene. Until these protected professions(medicine is just one of many) are dismantled and no favours given to anybody , there is no hope of a functioning economy developing.

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