When the war is over nothing will have changed

In March 2009 I wrote the following about Enda Kenny’s leadership.

One of the greatest mysteries of Irish political life is how Enda Kenny is still leader of Fine Gael.

His performance in poll after poll is pathetic and the reason is obvious, he’s a nice man but a completely ineffective politician.

The last thing Ireland needs at this time is a ‘nice man’. What’s needed is a courageous, visionary, kick-assing son of a bitch with one focus – the best interests of the Irish people.

In the end it doesn’t matter who wins this latest Fine Gael war because neither Kenny nor Bruton has what it takes to lead Ireland.

Cowen is dead man walking so that just leaves Gilmore who will, most likely, enter a coalition with FG after the next election.

So will Gilmore do what’s necessary to save Ireland – highly unlikely?

A new government may make some changes perhaps even significant reform but the corrupt system itself will remain intact.

We will see the same parties, the same politicians, the same civil servants operating the same corrupt system that benefits a minority but is extremely damaging to the Irish people and the country as a whole.

One thought on “When the war is over nothing will have changed”

  1. Gilmore? Dont make me laugh….his party gets money from SIPTU who have played no small part in ruining this country. Jack O Connor is a member of Labour. We will have to relinquish our trophy houses…..

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