Gay Mitchell goes mad

Fine Gael MEP Gay Mitchell went a bit mad on The Last Word today during an interview with Today FMs Anton Savage.

I tuned into the discussion after it started but apparently Mitchell wants a full time radio station to broadcast the ‘debates’ in the Oireachtas.

Mitchell went off the rails when Savage asked him if he could give an example of anything interesting that happened in the Senate during the last month.

Mitchell: No, I’m not going to give you; I’m not answering the question just because you make them up. I can’t think of anything in the last month but I can tell you for example…

Savage: Is that good enough

Mitchell: The issue is that people like you who are meant to be the medium are responsible not people like me I make the laws I’m a very intensive legislator. I work on developing world I work on economic and monetary affairs and when people come along and say ‘we don’t know what you do’ you blame us, you’re to blame, you should be communicating this.

Savage: I’m giving you the forum then, give me something from the Senate that will interest people.

Mitchell: I’m not going to give you any example, listen to me there’s an awful lot of people in this country who are involved in non governmental organisations who would be very happy to hear what is being done about the ten million children a year who are dying in the developing world, who never get to hear about it.

Savage: You said you wanted a radio station, you have a radio station now, I’m giving you open forum

Mitchell: No, you’re not giving me anything, I’m talking to the people I’m not talking to you. People are listening to me and their listening to you and what I’m saying to those people is this, I have an idea and I don’t care if people like you don’t like the idea I have a lot of ideas about a lot of things and I’m entitled to express them.

All I’m asking for is something interesting out of the Senate in the last month.

If you’ll let the people listen to what I’m saying, I’m not going to give you anything for the last month, it’s the third time I’ve told you that, I’m not going to give you anything. I’m going to tell you what the people want an opportunity to listen to…

Savage then played a clip from a debate in the Senate to give listeners an idea of what goes on there.

When the clip was finished Mitchell had hung up.

Seems he wants to burden us with endless political waffle but he couldn’t stand it himself for more than 30 seconds.

5 thoughts on “Gay Mitchell goes mad”

  1. Mitchell has been delusional for years. Remember his plans to bring the Olympic games to Dublin back in the early 1990s? Although on the evidence of his performance on The Last Word his psychiatric condition has deteriorated to the next stage – paranoid delusional!

  2. As a voting member of the community please allow me to voice my disgust at the manner in which you believe you should brand a member of our European Parliament a “waffler”. Let me remind you of the last person to refer to Mr Mitchell with such distaste, former Taoiseach Mr Bertie Ahern, whom as we can all see has departed the chamber and vanished from the public eye due to numerous “mishaps” throughout his political career.

    I have for a number of years supported Gay in his bid to actually REALLY make a difference to our country, whatever it my be. He has always done his very best to help anyone he can, voicing genuine opinions and working hard and around the clock to make the difference. Let me remind you of the time Mr Mitchell helped to bring the Tour de France to the streets of Ireland! And he isnt finished yet! Topping MEP poll only this mornings!

  3. Jaysus Dublin – Ok I am a lifelong FF supporter, but they deserved to get their arses kicked for what has happened to the economy on their watch – but talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!!!!! Gay Mitchell of the “bring the Olympics to Ireland joke” and threatening us with an oireachteas radio station when even 75% of the seats are usually empty!!! Rusty Guns Geriatric De Rossa!!!! and Jim Higgins – Priest turned athiest and now communist turned?????? we’ll have to wait and see does he bury his snout in the trough…..

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