Subjugation of servile drones

Letter in Sunday Tribune.

Right to resist government is no longer in dispute

Social contract envisages an agreement between people to form a society, as the alternative would be too terrible to contemplate. The process is entirely consensual.

The authority of government is derived from the consent of the people in return for a guarantee which seeks to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

When government fails in this duty it has broken the contract and in extreme circumstances may be deemed to be at war with the people. At this point the contract fails, mutual obligations end and the right to resist government authority is no longer in dispute.

At what point in our history did the Irish people assume the status of servile drones subjugated to the cynical dictates of a group of mid-Ireland mediocrities masquerading as political leaders.

Is the West awake?

Gerry Walker
Co Wicklow

3 thoughts on “Subjugation of servile drones”

  1. Bring on the Revolution, those who died to create this Republic would be ashamed by those masquerading as The Republican Party

  2. As I was watching news coverage of the ceremony remembering “Bloody Sunday”. I wondered, what would the people who gave there lives for a free Ireland think if they could look down on Brian Cowen at this ceremony and know that at a time of deep financial recession the president of Ireland, a nation with a population of a little over 4,000,000, is pocketing a salary larger than the president of the most powerful country in the world The United States with a population of nearly 304,000,000?

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